Hopf Environmental Consulting is a family owned and operated environmental consulting firm based in Brownsburg, Indiana.  Hopf provides a broad range of environmental and engineering services in Indianapolis, central Indiana, and surrounding areas. These services include the following:

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Hopf Environmental Consulting Keeps Business in Business

Hopf Environmental Consulting works with business professionals to solve environmental problems and to obtain environmental compliance.  Hopf's mission statement is to "Solve environmental problems economically by utilizing the latest technology and understanding of regulatory requirements." The company was founded by Andrew Robert Hopf, LPG whom is the president and principal geologist / engineer. Hopf has a broad work experience and relationship with many experts in the environmental field.  Hopf Environmental Consulting works with these experts to solve environmental problems.


Why Hopf?

Hopf Environmental Consulting has low overhead and as a result the billing rates are less than the competition. This cost savings is beneficial to property owners, insurance companies, investors, and those whom pay for environmental work. We invite you to request a cost estimate for your next project.